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Pastor's Column

St. Ignatius Loyola's Prayers and Mary

Pastor's Column 25th Sunday Ordinary Time September 22, 2019

When in Rome, one can venerate the tomb of St. Ignatius Loyola in a Church called the Dominus Jesu. Inside this most interesting church, in addition to the body of St. Ignatius, there is a famous image of Mary called "Our Lady of the Wayside", which I have reprinted here for those who might wish to see it (I brought the image to Mass some time back).

This Madonna and child image seems to date back to the time right after Christianity was legalized in Rome, and originally appeared along a Roman road in an outdoor shrine. Later, it was brought indoors. During his era, Ignatius would pray before this beautiful image daily. Here I wish to share with you both the image that Ignatius loved so much and the deeply moving prayers he said there, in case you would like to imitate his example!

Father Gary

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