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Pastor's Column

Duck! It’s the Holy Spirit!

Pastor’s Column

Pentecost Sunday

June 5, 2022

GPS 56 from New Zealand, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Some years ago I saw the most amazing sight. I was driving in the vicinity of where Costco used to be on State Route 22 -- six lanes of very heavy traffic. Suddenly, all 6 rows of cars came to a dead stop in both directions, right in the middle of that long stretch of road with no crosswalks or lights nearby. A truck behind me impatiently cut over to the one free lane, and then, amazingly, he too, stopped dead in his tracks. I strained to see what the hold-up could possibly be: absolutely nothing was visible from my position about three cars back from the row of stopped cars. Then I saw them: a mother duck and her ducklings were ambling slowly across the road. As a matter of fact, they were in no hurry, oblivious to the danger. Somehow the second-busiest artery in Salem managed to stop for these ducks (for several minutes no less).

The Holy Spirit is quite capable of stopping all the lanes of traffic in our individual lives when he sees fit. If things have suddenly come to a screeching halt in YOUR life recently, maybe the Spirit is trying to tell you something. Sometimes we are making great time on the road of life, going very fast indeed, but in the wrong direction. If this is the case for you, look for the ducks God may send to help you find your way home.

The Holy Spirit generally prefers to act in subtle ways. If we are not careful, we will miss what God is trying to tell us. After all, he very seldom sends the Archangel Gabriel to announce his will to us. Instead, the Lord tends to speak through the circumstances and events of our daily lives. For example, last week I was all ready to drive to our former Deacon’s ordination: bag packed, hotels booked, visits with other friends in the area arranged. Then my back went out, and all at once, everything changed. The message from the Lord? When we entrust our lives to him, let him be in control. He will handle everything for us. Instead of worrying, focus on what really matters to God: seek to please God, and let Him take care of the details of your life.

Father Gary


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