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Pastor's Column

When Jesus Passes By

Pastor’s Column

13TH Sunday Ordinary Time

July 1, 2018

Have you ever noticed how sometimes the really important things in life just seem to “pass you by?” In today’s gospel, we see Jesus just “passing by.” Just imagine the scene for a moment. Jesus has just crossed the Sea of Galilee, and an enormous crowd presses on Jesus from every side. The curious, the desperate, the religious, the sincere, the sick, they were all here, as he “passed by.”

Jesus is en-route to healing Jairus’ daughter, and Mark makes a point of mentioning that the crowds were really pushing against Jesus. Suddenly, in the middle of this mob scene, came a small, desperate touch: a bleeding woman reaches out to Jesus. If only I can touch the hem of his garment, I will be cured, she thought.

How many times has Jesus passed by, and we failed to notice him? We literally touch him weekly, some even daily in the Eucharist, not to mention his presence in the persons around us. But we must ask the question: what was so special about this woman? Why did she get noticed, while so many others in the crowd did not? More to the point, how can we “touch” Jesus and make a strong connection, like she did?

Jesus responded to this poor woman simply because she reached out in faith. Jesus asks of us each day that we trust him, thank him, and believe in him. We touch him in faith when we show gratitude during our trials, when we pray after receiving communion (instead of just looking around or immediately forgetting Whom we have received). We touch Jesus when we notice our brothers and sisters in need and try to respond with love. Whether we “feel” anything or not, Jesus is always “touched” by our faith in Him.

Father Gary

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