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Pastor's Column

Prayer to Jesus, the True Friend

Pastor’s Column

3rd Sunday of Advent

December 11, 2016

This beautiful prayer that was made available to us by St. Claude de la Colombiere (the spiritual director of St. Margaret Mary) at the Shrine of the Sacred Heart in Paray le Monial, France on our recent pilgrimage there, and which is now made available to you.

Father Gary


Prayer to Jesus, The True Friend

By Saint Claude de la Colombiere

Jesus, you are my only true friend. You shared my troubles, you bear them with me, you know the secret of bringing good out of them for me. You listen to me kindly when I tell you of my afflictions and you never fail to soften them.

I can always find you everywhere; you never go away, and if I'm obliged to change my dwelling I never fail to find you in the place where I am gone.

You are never tired of hearing my voice; you never weary of doing me good. I am assured of being loved if I love you. You do not need all that I possess and you are not in any way poorer for communicating to me what you possess.

However wretched I am, a more noble, finer spirit or even a holier one will never take your friendship from me; as for death, which detaches from us all our other friends, it will only reunite us as we meet with you.

None of the disgraces of age or the disfavors of fortune can separate me from you; on the contrary, I will never enjoy your presence more fully, you will never be closer than when all is most in my disfavor.

You suffer my shortcomings with admirable patience; even my infidelities, my ungratefulness does not wound you at all to the extent that you are always ready to receive me, when I wish to come back.

O Jesus, grant the grace of desire and this so that I may be yours for all time and for all eternity.


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