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The Twin Pillars of the Mass

Pastor’s Column 17th Sunday Ordinary Time July 29, 2018 In the next few weeks, the gospel will be taken from the sixth chapter of John, which is all about Jesus, the Bread of Life, our Eucharist. We will be looking at some of the parts of the Mass during this time to renew our understanding of the deep mysteries we celebrate each Sunday. Everything we do at Mass is built around two twin pillars: Scripture and Tradition. Every part of the Mass has a biblical foundation as well as a direct connection to Judaism. Remember that all the apostles were Jewish and, in the earliest years of the church, most of the converts to Christianity were from Judaism as well. So it is not surprising that m

When Our Plans Are Interrupted

Pastor’s Column 16th Sunday Ordinary Time July 22, 2018 What do you do when your plans are interrupted or changed suddenly in some unforeseen way? This is the situation that Christ and the apostles find themselves in this Sunday (Mark 6:30-34). Their ministry has been so successful that Christ suggests they all need to get away by themselves for a while and recharge their batteries. Don’t we all feel the same way sometimes? So, they all got into a boat to escape from everyone; but soon there’s a problem: “Everyone” was waiting for them when they arrived at their supposed secluded getaway spot. The challenge for the disciples, and for us, is in being able to recognize and accept God’s wil

Christ’s Travel Instructions

Pastor’s Column 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time July 15, 2018 In this Sunday’s gospel (Mark 6:7-13), the disciples have been with Jesus for some time. First they were called and said yes. Then they listened to Jesus. Then, they were sent out on a mission. We, too, are called by the Lord: we respond and say yes to him; we listen to his words at Mass and are fed by his Body and Blood. Then we, too, are sent out on a mission: to witness to Jesus by our lives: our words and deeds. The disciples are told to take nothing for the journey except a walking staff (a symbol of their authority from Christ). They are going to have to be dependent on God’s providence for everything. As created beings

“My Grace is Enough for You”

Pastor’s Column 14th Sunday Ordinary Time July 8, 2018 “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is made perfect in weakness” 2 Corinthians 12:7-10 Have you ever had the experience of asking God over and over for something that you considered to be really important, only to have God seemingly turn a deaf ear to your request? St. Paul certainly did. Paul doesn’t tell us exactly what he was praying to be rid of, only that it was what he described as being “a thorn in the flesh, an angel of Satan to beat me and keep me from becoming too proud.” In this Sunday’s second reading, St. Paul articulates one of the greatest of all spiritual paradoxes: God’s power often shines through us most clear

When Jesus Passes By

Pastor’s Column 13TH Sunday Ordinary Time July 1, 2018 Have you ever noticed how sometimes the really important things in life just seem to “pass you by?” In today’s gospel, we see Jesus just “passing by.” Just imagine the scene for a moment. Jesus has just crossed the Sea of Galilee, and an enormous crowd presses on Jesus from every side. The curious, the desperate, the religious, the sincere, the sick, they were all here, as he “passed by.” Jesus is en-route to healing Jairus’ daughter, and Mark makes a point of mentioning that the crowds were really pushing against Jesus. Suddenly, in the middle of this mob scene, came a small, desperate touch: a bleeding woman reaches out to Jesus.

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