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The Sacred Heart

Pastor’s Column 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time June 17, 2018 The Friday before last we celebrated the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Devotion to the Sacred Heart is all about love—my love for Christ, of course—but more importantly, Christ’s love for me. When we look at a picture of the Sacred Heart, we notice that this heart has a wounded side where Christ’s heart was pierced (John 19:34). When we feel perhaps that God does not love us, we can look through this image to the gospel, which shows the broken heart Christ died from out of love for us. I suspect that most of us at some time in our lives have had our hearts broken. We cannot really love someone without taking a risk—the r

The Sayings of Saint Bernadette

Pastor’s Column 10th Sunday in Ordinary Time June 10, 2018 Saint Gildard’s Convent at Nevers, France is the location where the incorrupt body of St. Bernadette of Lourdes lies. Bernadette, who died of tuberculosis and was laid to rest almost 130 years ago, remains the best example of bodily incorruption in the Catholic Church. In this convent Bernadette spent her entire religious life. She had a lively personality, and was terribly annoyed by those who wished to make her out to be some kind of living saint, simply because Our Lady chose to appear to her. She had a peasant wit infused with grace. In my first visit to the convent, when I had travelled alone to France as a transitional deacon

Jesus Took My Place

Pastor’s Column Corpus Christi, 2018 A pilot at American Airlines put in a bid to work a certain trans-continental flight. According to protocol, he then waited for a confirmation call from crew scheduling to let him know that his bid to work was accepted and that he would in fact be flying that day. Later that evening, he realized to his surprise that he had never received a confirmation call. When he looked it up on the computer, he discovered that another pilot, with just a little bit more seniority than he, had outbid him and bumped him off the job that particular day. It was only while watching the news the following day that he realized what had happened. Incredibly, the flight this

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